We understand every business has its own needs. While we offer a host of contemporary digital transformation services, you might not need it all. So, our advisors and architects will start by working backwards from you – identifying where you are, what you want and what you need to do to get there.

Your unique journey

Every business is on its own journey, so we’ve built our approach to be totally flexible. Whether you’re just starting out, you’re somewhere in the middle, or you’ve transformed previously and are ready for more, we will find solutions for you.

Just starting

Never done this before? Discover how ready your business is for a digital revolution and identify where you want to go. Our consultants will help design and advise on each step of your transformation process, teaching you everything you need to know to enable your ongoing success long after the journey is complete.

Halfway there

So you’ve already made a start, but something is missing. We’ll help you to identify which pieces of the digital transformation puzzle you need assistance with, drill down to the root cause of your identified problems, and build a custom roadmap from there to accelerate you to the end.

Ready for more

You’ve evolved previously but understand the world’s changed. It’s time to revisit your previous transformation and see what can be done to bring it into the new era. We’ll work with each of your key stakeholders to find out what they have and what they want, and design a plan to connect those dots while enabling you to empower your own digital evolution in future.

Talk to Us About Your Needs

What’s in a Ko-Lab8 transformation?

We’ve partnered with a wide range of vendors and service providers to ensure that we aren’t just here to consult and tell you what you need to do, but to enable everything you need to succeed on your digital transformation journey whether we can provide it ourselves or not.

Our team will work hand in hand with yours to build a roadmap to success, find the right partners to achieve your goals, and help you coordinate vital stakeholders to keep those important lines of communication flowing. So what might be the outcome of this process?


  • Develop a digital transformation strategy.

  • Develop a technology strategy.

  • Align the technology strategy to the business strategy.


  • Build a complete enterprise architecture.

  • Learn how to migrate to the cloud, whether AWS, Azure or GCP.

  • Take advantage of AI and machine learning.

  • Gain insights through data and business intelligence.

  • Protect your assets with modern security.

  • Learn how to utilise the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Make your applications cloud-ready.


  • Get help building an enterprise control plan.

  • Integrate DevOps best practices.

  • Adopt an Agile methodology.

  • Evolve your service management layer to move with your transformation plans.

  • Develop a change management process to ensure success.

  • Maintain a cost-effective, modern cloud environment.


  • Find out what skills your organisation needs.

  • Enhance your org structure.

  • Learn how to communicate change.

  • Learn the skills needed for Agile processes.

  • Develop a chain of accountability.

  • Find help upskilling your people.

Programme Management

  • Assigned to your organisation when you partner with us.

  • A single point of contact for your organisation.

  • Coordination of all internal stakeholders.

  • Orchestration of all third party firms, consultants and vendors.

  • Ensures everyone is working towards the expected outcome.

Start your journey

Our engines are primed. The technology you need is out there. All that’s left is for you to put the pedal to the metal.

To get started on your digital transformation journey, no matter where you are along the road already, reach out and we’ll help.

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