Ko-Lab8 is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with 3rdView, a leading design thinking consultancy which helps organisations understand, connect with, and deliver value to the people whose experience matters most – customers and employees. This ground-breaking agreement with 3rdView compliments Ko-Lab8’s approach to digital transformation, through taking a holistic view, centred around the customer and leading with empathy.

Marie-Claire (MC) Grady, 3rdView Managing Director, said “We are excited to be working with Ko-Lab8 to play our role in facilitating change in not just technology, but to ensure the entire organisation understands why these changes are happening, and how everyone can benefit from them – first and foremost, the organisation’s customers and employees.”

3rdView was founded in 2009 to help clients establish a meaningful feedback loop with customers and employees. By taking an empathetic, whole of business approach, 3rdViews clients do much more than simply deploying new technology. Like Ko-Lab8, 3rdViews experience shows that for real digital transformation to succeed, a human centred approach needs to be taken, thereby delivering sustainable solutions, not siloed ones.