Digital transformation is about so much more than technology. To be successful, it requires top-to-bottom change involving all four components of a successful business: strategy, technology, processes and people.

Our human-centred design thinking approach is built to find where you are in your transformation journey, and give you the rocket fuel you need to accelerate to the end.

Discover your needs

We can’t know where the journey ends unless we know where it starts. While our transformation roadmap includes all the steps an organisation needs to successfully digitally transform, we recognise that every business is different – you might have already taken some of those first steps by yourself!

No matter where you are in your journey, our discovery process will help identify the unique needs and challenges of your organisation, and clearly lay out what we need to do to realise success.

  • Bring key stakeholders together to identify your current state.

  • Identify challenges and focus areas based on your unique objectives.

  • Host tech and business workshops with critical teams to discuss requirements.

  • Build a custom roadmap for your organisation to guide us towards your individual needs.

Four components of transformation

It all starts with your people

Humans run the business. Humans change the business. If transformation doesn’t start and end with people, it will always face barriers.

At Ko-Lab8, we’ve built our methodology on a human-centred approach that recognises an organisation’s individual needs, the needs of its people, and the needs of its customers – and works backwards from there.

  • Tie your technology strategy and business strategy together so that they work for each other.

  • Gain buy-in from the executive team and middle management.

  • Accelerate your digital transformation – don’t keep up, get ahead.

  • Transform your business at its very foundations, building a culture of change.

  • Rewrite your company processes to fit the modern age.

  • Develop an enterprise architecture that paves the way to digital success.

  • Build self-optimising processes to ensure your company stays agile.

  • Get the right people in the right job with skills coaching and empowerment.

Start your transformation